3 Reasons Post Frame Barns Are Popular

In the 1930s farmers developed a fast way to build large agricultural storage buildings using poles. They had high ceilings and no basements. Since most structures were used to store farm supplies or house animals, they were generally called Pole Barns. However, the easy-to-construct, strong buildings were soon adapted for other construction needs and today the style is used to create anything from equestrian arenas to home sheds. Buildings are commonly known as post frame structures, since posts are now typically substituted for the original poles. Barns are still one of the most popular styles because they are inexpensive, go up quickly, and are strong.

Barns Are Affordable to Build

Most outbuildings, barns, and homes are built using stick frame construction. Before construction begins, builders lay a foundation, a process that can be expensive. But the building style requires a foundation for support. Many stick frame buildings also include basements. In contrast, owners can build post frame structures without foundations or basements and they will be fine. That saves property owners a lot of money. The poles used in construction are set in concrete, which is very affordable.

Experts Construct Post Frame Barns Quickly

Property owners also build barns using post frame construction because it is faster and easier than other options. Construction is quicker than stick frame building because fewer components are required. Buildings do not need interior walls. Barns may be constructed on nearly any type of terrain because they do not need level ground. Many are built on land where nothing can be constructed because of soil conditions. The design stands up well to soil wall pressure. It is also easy to build additions on pole frame structures.

Post Frame Buildings Are Durable

Barns constructed using post frame construction methods are very strong. Posts are solid and anchored 4 feet in the ground. They transfer wind and snow loads to the ground, giving them exceptional durability. Barns do not need a lot of structural support or framing the way stick frame buildings do.

Many property owners who need barns have them built using a post frame construction method. The barns are inexpensive to construct, go up quickly, and are exceptionally strong. They can also be built on nearly any terrain.