Canada Has A Major Chinese Development and Real Estate Goup

Canada has many real estate developers and investors that help to build cities such as Montreal into something vibrant and cosmopolitan. One such company is the Chinese company of Kheng Ly and his Brivia Group. This real estate and investment group has literally changed the skyline of Montreal with its YUL condos project. Brivia Group’s Kheng Ly has an interesting history and a great work ethic. His company, the Brivia Group has the best reputation and a list of major real estate development accomplishments.

A Difficult Childhood

Growing up in the 1970s in Cambodia and then Vietnam as a Chinese refugee. The hard life under the Khmer Rouge leaders where 25% of the population was killed, executed or died because of the hard conditions was followed by several years of hard survival in a Vietnamese refugee camp with his family. There he met and became engaged to his future wife. The family was eventually accepted by the Canadian government as refugees in 1988.

Starting Life In Canada

In Canada, he worked hard to support his family and earn money to bring his fiancee over from the same refugee camp. He worked long hours for low pay in a textile factory until he saved enough money to open his own textile business. In 2000, Kheng Ly decided to switch from textiles to real estate. He transformed himself with hard work and learning into a successful real estate developer and an investor in additional real estate projects. During this time, he brought his wife to Canada and they had three children.

Starting A New Company For Sustainability and Success

In 2012 Kheng Ly renamed his company the Brivia Group. The name was inspired by his three children. The company focus has always been real estate investment and real estate development. The home of Brivia Group is in Montreal where they have invested in and developed numerous projects. The new project is the impressive YUL condominium and townhouse development. For this project, Brivia Group teamed up with the well-known architectural firm Menke’s Shooner Dagenais Le Tourneux.

This project is the largest one in downtown Montreal and will give the city 800 new condos and 17 high-quality townhouses. For more information about this developer and his projects go to the website.