Contacting Divorce Lawyers in Tulsa, Okla Before Telling the Spouse

One of the first steps in ending a marriage is contacting Divorce lawyers in Tulsa Okla and deciding which one would be best for the existing situation. In some instances, the person already knows about an attorney because a friend or relative used the services to end a marriage. In many circumstances, however, the individual has to start calling attorneys without any sort of referral.

Protecting One’s Interests

In fact, some men and women discuss their situation with a lawyer before telling the spouse that divorce is becoming a distinct possibility. The person wants to be ready to take immediate action when the decision is finally made. Knowing how to protect one’s interests is also an important point when consulting a lawyer before talking with the spouse.

Although this may seem almost cruel, as it can leave the other spouse feeling blindsided, an individual may feel compelled to do act if he or she knows the spouse will become angry and combative at the announcement. That husband or wife may feel vengeful and want to quickly hire a lawyer to intervene in aspects like support payments, child custody, and bank account management. The spouse filing for divorce needs to be proactive about being protected in these matters.

Not a Total Surprise

In addition, it is rare for the other spouse to not realize the relationship is in trouble, at least to some extent. The husband or wife may have no idea the other spouse is seriously considering divorce, but the two may have not gotten along well for some time. They may fight a lot. One or both of them may have had an extramarital affair.

Feeling Conflicted

The person contacting a lawyer may feel very conflicted about ending the marriage. That’s another reason some individuals contact a Divorce of Tulsa Law Office before discussing the situation with the spouse. Rather than cause more trouble at home, this man or woman can become knowledgeable about the divorce process and how to handle various aspects. If matters improve in the relationship, the other spouse never has to know that a divorce attorney was contacted.