Four Types of Disability Covered by Workers’ Compensation in Oklahoma

Workers’ compensation in Oklahoma is meant to cover the costs of treatment and any lost wages stemming from injuries sustained at work. In many cases, workers who are injured find themselves unable to earn a living for at least some time thereafter. As the web page at details, there are provisions made under the law for the full range of associated possibilities.

Compensation is Available for Many Who Suffer Disabling Injuries on the Job

After suffering an injury while at work, it will always be best to first seek any medical treatment that might be necessary. Doing so will help minimize the damage done and make subsequent problems less likely, in general.

Even workers who are most careful to obtain the care they require, though, sometimes find themselves unable to work thereafter. Under Oklahoma law, four different types of disability are provided for under the workers’ compensation system:

  • Temporary and partial. Many injuries can be expected to heal fully in due time, but leave workers with diminished capabilities until that point. A broken bone that was set properly, for example, could lead to a full recovery but inhibit the ability of the victim to keep earning a living. When a worker’s abilities become temporarily compromised because of an injury sustained on the job, compensation for the lost income will normally be forthcoming.
  • Temporary and total. Some injures that can be expected to heal completely nonetheless leave workers laid up until recovery has been completed. In such cases, a worker will often not be able to earn any wages at all until the injury has healed, and the law provides for such situations, as well.
  • Permanent and partial. A permanent partial disability is one where no hope of a complete recovery remains but where the worker retains some ability to earn a living. Injuries that lead to this level of disability are more common than many realize.
  • Permanent and total. Finally, some workers suffer injuries so severe that doctors agree they can no longer be expected to earn income thereafter at all.

Attorneys are Ready to Help Disabled Workers Obtain Compensation

Disabilities of all these kinds are accounted for under Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation laws. The best way to be sure of obtaining an appropriate amount of compensation will almost always be to work with an attorney.