Montreal’s Santa Cabrini Hospital Receives Support From Local Business Leaders

One of the most impressive things about Montreal is how much the community does to support those who need it the most. The city’s Santa Cabrini Hospital, for instance, provides much-needed medical care and treatment to people from all over the area, often even doing so at a financial loss.

Naturally enough, it takes a steady supply of resources to keep up with that kind of mission, and members of the Montreal community have been eagerly and generously pitching in. The nonprofit Santa Cabrini Foundation regularly holds fundraising events where some of the most prominent members of the local business elite open their wallets and contribute.

Brivia Group CEO Kheng Ly, for instance, recently attended one such gala and detailed his experiences there. On the FB page of Kheng Ly, a full report on an important event has been attracting interest and likes.

Keeping Santa Cabrini Hospital Technologically Relevant

The world of medicine evolves quickly, and patients do not always have access to the latest treatments and technologies. It takes a great deal of money to keep any hospital or clinic stocked with the most advanced equipment and medical assets of various kinds.

For a hospital like Santa Cabrini, it will almost always be difficult to find the capital needed to make improvements as time goes on. With the hospital being so dedicated to providing treatment to all who need it, financial reserves tend to be small in even the best of times.

Fortunately, there are community members who are ready to help out and do so quite eagerly. The Santa Cabrini Foundation was created to ensure the hospital would always be able to draw on the support of community members who are well positioned to provide it.

Local Business Leaders Pitch In

As one of Montreal’s most prominent real estate developers, Kheng Ly is just such a person. Projects like his YUL condominium development in downtown Montreal have made many headlines over the years.

When not working on such initiatives, leaders like Ly can often be found contributing in other ways. At the recent Santa Cabrini Foundation fund raiser, that meant securing much-needed donations for an especially important hospital.