The Cambodian Refugee Who Is Building a Real Estate Dynasty

One of Canada’s most dynamic real estate developers began life in war-torn Cambodia. However, Kheng Ly of Brivia had the focus, discipline, and work ethic to create a new life in Canada. He taught himself the skills needed to succeed in real estate development, and one success built on another until he headed the multi-million dollar Brivia Group. He is currently building some of Montreal’s most elegant condos and remains committed to a business philosophy built on honesty, integrity, and philanthropy.

Humble Beginnings Spurred a Drive to Succeed

When Kheng Ly was just a boy of five, his family fled their home to protect themselves from the Cambodian killing field era orchestrated by the Khmer Rouge. Once the political climate became somewhat safer, they returned to Phnom Penh, where the very young Kheng Ly became a successful street businessman who sold wholesale products. However, the family eventually fled Vietnam and lived in a refugee camp until they were accepted as Canadian refugees.

Vision and Hard Work Fueled a Successful Career

A head for business, along with his experience selling, drove the young immigrant to work several jobs so he could support his family. He married and continued to work long hours in a factory until he began his own textile company.

But, his sharp instincts led him to switch careers, and he began to study real estate investing. Beginning slowly, he built a string of projects that provided the experience he needed to expand. Eventually the growing business was rebranded as Brivia Group, the high-powered Montreal firm behind Montreal’s YUL Condos.

A Time-Tested Philosophy Drives Success

The Yul Condo project is widely considered the jewel in Montreal’s crown, and its success is the result of Kheng Ly’s continued commitment to his winning strategy. He is known for transparency, honesty, perseverance, tenacity, resilience, and very hard work. In addition, he is a community leader famous for his support of many non-profit organizations.

One of the most elegant building projects in Montreal is being built by a hard-working, honest, former Cambodian refugee. Kheng Ly has overcome staggering odds to become a respected and successful builder who still maintains the core principles he has built his life on.