Tips for Buying Used Floor Cleaning Equipment

Industrial floor cleaning equipment is expensive. Floor scrubbers, sweepers, and cleaning machines are all indispensable tools for commercial cleaning companies and property owners who want to take care of their own maintenance, though.

Thankfully, used floor cleaning equipment is much more affordable than brand-new equipment. Don’t buy just any used floor scrubber, though. Instead, read on to find out what buyers need to know to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth.

Equipment History

Buying a used floor scrubber is a little like buying a used car. Just like drivers want to know how old the vehicles are and how many miles they have, property owners need to find out about the equipment’s past use and maintenance to ensure that it still has a long, productive service life ahead of it before they buy. Ask about the unit’s history and find out what repairs have been performed and what parts have been replaced and try to find a model that is less than three years old.

Supplier Reputation

It’s never a good idea to buy used equipment from a random third-party seller. Instead, buy from a reputable company. Find out how long the company has been in business, ask for referrals, and check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints against the company.

Used or Refurbished?

Buying a refurbished floor scrubber requires a slightly larger up-front investment, but that extra investment will pay off in the long run. Used floor scrubbers can be in just about any condition and it’s hard for business owners to tell if parts are wearing out. Refurbished floor scrubbers have had every moving part evaluated by a professional prior to sale and have new batteries, squeegees, and other essential components, so they’ll be less likely to break down.

Ask About Warranties

Another benefit of buying a refurbished floor scrubber from a reputable company instead of purchasing one used from a stranger is that refurbished models come with warranties. Find out what the warranty covers in advance. Reputable suppliers will offer parts and labor warranties that last at least a month which gives buyers the chance to make sure their machines are in optimal operational condition.