Upward Expansion in Urban Residential Settings: An Environmentally Friendly Option

Many Montreal residents and people planning to move to the city absolutely love urban life and prefer to live downtown or close to it. With condominium projects like one that Mr. Kheng Ly is involved in, they will have the chance to enjoy residing in two high-rise towers that offer a strong sense of community. The group of condos is being constructed on land that previously stood vacant for many years.

Examples of Features

This particular project will include abundant green space around the tower with a huge private park and swimming pool. A sky lounge at the top offers beautiful views of the city while a terrace at a lower level provides views of the park. In addition to the pool, a fully equipped fitness center allows residents to exercise without having to go somewhere else. Private wine cellars will be provided to residents as well.

Extending Living Space Upward

With concerns about available living space in cities and the tendency for outward expansion using land, a project like this is very welcome. Extending living space upward instead of outward is an environmentally friendly activity. People who work downtown don’t have to commute from the far reaches of the city or one of the suburbs. They might not need to drive much at all with so many amenities nearby.

Minimizing Urban Sprawl

City planners across Canada have been paying attention to what cities in other continents are doing in regard to minimizing urban sprawl and building high-rise residences instead. This is essential in cities that are landlocked to a certain extent by mountains and water, but Canada is characterized by a large expanse of available land nearly everywhere in the country.

Urban planners have long noted the need for denser residential environments in cities to limit the sprawl that has been so common over the past several decades. With so many men and women needing to commute 30 or 60 minutes one way, or even longer, traffic congestion adds to air pollution and increases the risk of collisions. If they could find suitable housing closer to work, they might be eager to move.