What Is DEF And Why Do Fleet Owners Need It?

In the US, truck owners follow federal standards for maintaining their vehicles and passing inspections. The type of truck determines which fluids are required by federal laws. According to the most recent laws, a specialty diesel fluid is required for larger than average trucks and fleet vehicles.

What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Essentially, diesel exhaust fluid is designed to control harmful emissions. The toxins are emitted by diesel engines at a more potent and dangerous level. The fluids are injected into the exhaust system and convert the emissions from nitrogen to a more water-based substance that isn’t dangerous. The fluid itself is produced from water and animal waste products. It is used in vehicles with selective catalytic reduction technology.

The New Standard

The Environmental Protection Agency issued new standards that require the use of the fluid for all fleet owners and owners of quarter-ton or larger trucks. The fluid makes the vehicles safer to operate and aren’t harmful to the environment. Vehicle inspections define whether or not the owners use the fluid according to the standard.

Who has Selective Catalytic Systems?

According to the most recent statistics, all newer pickups, SUV, vans, and diesel-fueled trucks have the systems. Each of the vehicles requires the use of specific engine fluid to control dangerous nitrous oxide gas emissions.

The vehicles are equipped with a special tank for the fluid. The vehicle or fleet owners must add fuel to the tank according to the EPA standards. Currently, the standards indicate that it must be used after every 800 miles traveled in the vehicle.

Managing Fuel Requirements

Vehicle owners covered under the standard purchase additional tanks and pumps for storing the fluid. The containers should fit on the back of the vehicle for easier use. The options make it easier to comply with the standards.

In the US, truck and fleet owners comply with federal regulations when operating their vehicles. The laws require the truck owners to use a specific diesel fluid to control harmful gas emissions. The fluid converts the emissions into a nitrogen and water mixture that doesn’t present health risks. Vehicle owners who need to learn more about DEF contact a supplier now.