Why Contractors Are Installing More Metal Roofs

Dayton residents often rely on local building contractors to supply and install new roofs. Customers trust companies like Erie Construction to recommend the best materials for their needs. With that in mind, contractors typically suggest metal roofing for homeowners who want beautiful, cost-effective, durable materials. Customers can choose from a range of colors and patterns. Long-lasting metal roofs make homes more energy-efficient and can stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Metal Roofs Increase Curb Appeal

There is a misconception that all metal roofs have a modern, industrial look. In fact, homeowners have a wide range of choices, which is why contractors often suggest metal roofs to clients who want eye-catching results. Manufacturers create metal roofing in styles that appeal to a variety of decorating tastes. For example, if homeowners love the look of rustic cedar shakes, they can order metal roofs that provide that look but are much easier to maintain. Contractors can replicate the look of almost any other roofing material, and clients can choose from a range of colors.

Metal Roofing Is Exceptionally Durable

A metal roof can withstand years of abuse without losing its good looks. Third-party tests prove that metal is especially resilient and holds up well in extreme weather conditions. Metal panels are fire and wind-resistant. They can prevent water and air leaks. A professionally installed metal roof can withstand 140 m.p.h. winds. and contributes to the creation of a weather-tight building envelope.

Metal Roofs Make Financial Sense

Contractors also recommend metal roof when clients want cost-effective materials. Metal systems generally cost more than other materials upfront, but they have much longer lifespans. A high-quality roof can last 60 years and retain its beauty. That saves clients repair and replacement costs. Metal roofs are very easy to care for, so owners have low maintenance costs. Materials are energy efficient and can lower heating and cooling bills. Because metal roofing increases home safety, it can result in lower insurance premiums.

Homeowners who want beautiful, durable roofs that add style to their properties often choose metal roofing. Metal lasts longer than most other materials and can withstand the harshest conditions without damage. Long-lasting metal roofs save owners the cost of frequent replacement and repairs and make homes more energy efficient.